The Little White Dress

I don’t know if every bride to be has a Pinterest account with as many boards as I have but it was truly getting out of control!
I have cleaned up a little bit and while doing so realised how many wedding gown I have pinned.

I knew I wanted to keep the proper wedding gown for the church, but what I did not know was how easy it will be for me to find this dress!

So about two months before the wedding I just thought it would be a good idea for me to start looking for a little white dress. Something comfy, something not too expensive, something short, something that I was feeling confident in!

I have been living in the same place for the last 5 years, and every single day I am driving past this pretty shop, Winona,  about 300 meters from home. Never entered the shop before, I am not sure why, but when I’ve started thinking about this dress this is the first place that crossed my mind. So here we are, my three bridesmaids and me, very excited about what we thought will be a veryyy long day of shopping, walking into the first shop. I had an open mind and as I didn’t have any idea of the type of dress I wanted to wear the girls grabbed every single white dress of the shop.

The first one was a hit! I have tried on a couple more just to pretend it wasn’t that easy but fifteen minutes later we were walking out the shop with my wedding dress!