Flower Crown

I am lucky enough to have two weddings (One in Australia and one in France). Which means that I have twice the choice on what to wear!

As the Australian wedding was more a “casual” one only surrounded by friends with small to no family, we’ve decided to leave the traditions for the French wedding.

As I am planning on having a soft pretty traditional bouquet in France, I wanted something super colourful, bright, with Australian native flowers!

Also, I am more a natural person in my everyday life. I don’t like wearing too much make up and I am definitely not doing brushing everyday! So I thought that as I wanted to have a wedding looking like us I wasn’t going to ask anybody to help me getting ready.

Ok, so I was gonna do my hair and make up myself, but still I wanted to look like a proper bride and not as I look to go to the groceries! If you have a Pinterest account you must have seen flower crown everywhere! Seriously, there is that thing since Lana del Ray, and I have to admit that I was quite excited about wearing one myself! The only problem is that I had no idea if it was suiting me or not, nor which style I should choose.

Small and dainty or big and bold? I think my florist nailed it!